Better management of your horse's stress and excitability

EAP (Equine Appreasing Pheromone), a synthetic copy of the soothing maternal pheromone of the mare, contributes to the reduction of stress in horses.

SecureHorse® FLASH is the first and only analogue of the equine soothing maternal pheromone (EAP: Equine Appeasing Pheromone), identical to the section produced by the mother a few hours after the foal to reassure her foal. Its use allows the otpimization of the animal's potential by preventing the negative effects of stress and thus facilitating learning.

When to use SecureHorse® FLASH/Confidence EQ®

  • Training

  • All stressful situations

  • Change of environment

  • Transport

  • Intervention of the Ferrant Marshal

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Comment ça marche ?

Better management of your horse's stress and excitability

In the wild, after giving birth, the mare secretes a maternal substance, called pheromone, communicating a soothing and reassuring message for its foals and congeners.

Average time of use:

2 to 3 hours. The horse should be calm and quiet during application of the product

Setting up:

Put half the gel on your fingers. Apply the gel to one of the horse's nostrils 20 min before the stressful event. Reiterate the same steps for the second nostril of the horse.

It is normal to observe a thin film on the surface of the skin, it applies when the gel dries. Before re-applying (renew every 2 hours if necessary), clean the nose with a damp sponge.

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