Flash version of SecurePig®

Launch of an adaptation of SecurePig: SecurePigFlash. This product helps reduce stress during the transport of pigs from the end of fattening to the slaughterhouse.

In order to better meet its customers, SecurePigFlash will limit economic losses and improve the quality of the finished product.

Transportation causes emotional, physical and physiological stress for animals, resulting in aggressive behaviours (fights and injuries), increases body temperature, heart rate, increases energy and consequently glucose consumption, and also weight loss and increased mortality. All this has a great impact on meat production, both financially and in the quality of the finished product.

The use of sow maternal pheromones, sprayed occasionally on the backs of animals, has a soothing and stress-reducing effect on pigs during transport. By promoting in a natural way a reduction in aggressive interactions between them, acting through the central nervous system that modulates its behavior, we thus avoid the use of veterinary drugs.

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