SecurePig®: Anti-stress solution for pigs

SecurePig® prevents the negative effects of stress and allows the optimal expression of the potential of pigs, thus improving production yields. Average duration of use: 6 weeks. 1 block for 25 m²

SecurePig® is a soothing maternal pheromone synthesis analogue (PAP: Pig Appeasing Pheromone). Its diffusion allows the optimization of the animal's potential in breeding by preventing the negative effects of stress.

With its stress-reducing effects, Securepig® promotes demedication

The effects of SecurePig®:

By reproducing this message, SecurePig® prevents the negative consequences of stress:

In the pregnant sow

  • Decreased aggressiveness

  • Facilitation and optimization of maternal behaviour and breastfeeding

In pigs for fattening

  • Reduced aggressiveness and duration of combat

  • Mortality reduction

  • Optimization of the GMQ and the consumption index

  • Homogeneity of lots

In piglets

  • Reduction of allotment agitation

  • Mortality reduction

  • Optimization of the GMQ and the consumption index

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Comment ça marche ?

SecurePig®: Anti-stress solution for pigs

In nature, after calving, the sow secretes a maternal substance called pheromone, communicating a calming and reassuring message for its piglets and its congeners.

Average life of use

Between 4 and 6 weeks (possible variations depending on temperature, humidity and ventilation).

In the first stage of breeding (high temperature: maternity — post-weaning), renew after 4 weeks

Setting up

Place the blocks 24 hours before the arrival of the pigs. 1 block for 25m² to place 1m50 from the ground thanks to the attachment device for optimal diffusion.

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