Solution for rabbit stress in breeding

Prevents the negative effects of stress and allows the optimal expression of the potential of rabbits, thus improving production yields while promoting quality and welfare in breeding. Average duration of use: 6 weeks 1 block for 50 m²

SecurerAbbit® is a synthetic analogue of the soothing maternal rabbit pheromone (RAP: Rabbit Appeasing Pheromone). Its diffusion allows the optimization of the animal's potential in breeding by preventing the negative effects of stress.

The Effects of SecureRabbit®

  • Improved rate of artificial insemination

  • Strengthens maternal behavior and breastfeeding

  • Mortality reduction

  • Decreased aggressiveness and reduced scratches

  • Facilitation of handling and transport

  • Reduction of seizures at slaughterhouse

By reproducing a soothing and reassuring message, Securerabbit® prevents the negative effects of stress

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Comment ça marche ?

Solution for rabbit stress in breeding

In nature, after calving, rabbits secrete a maternal substance called pheromone, communicating a calming and reassuring message for rabbits and congeners.

Average time of use:

Between 4 and 6 weeks (possible variations depending on temperature, humidity and ventilation).

Setting up:

Place the blocks 24 hours before the arrival of the rabbits. 1 block for 50m² to be placed 1m50 from the ground thanks to the attachment device for optimal diffusion.

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