Improve the natural adaptive capacities of salmon

Despite several decades of farming, the species is still very sensitive to stress, handling and the human presence that is essential for farm management. These causes of stress will weaken the fish and make them more vulnerable to all types of agressors. The use of synthetic pheromones is the innovative natural solution for a better adaptation of salmon to different stressful situations.




The salmon farming industry has been affected by sea lice infestation for years. If this parasite has difficulty finding a host in the wild, the high density of fish on farms facilitates the infestation of lice.

For many years, different strategies have been developed. Traditional chemical or mechanical methods of sea lice control have a negative impact on fish welfare and the environment. Resistance to delousing drugs or chemicals is increasing, while mechanical methods can be stressful for the fish. All the methods applied until now have not been able to respond effectively to ecological, economic and health needs.



With SecureSalmon, Signs has chosen an innovative approach!
Healthier, nature-inspired, non-invasive, chemical-free, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. An approach that aims to enable salmon to defend themselves with their own weapons.



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