Who are we?

SIGNS (Semiochemicals for Innovation Gathering Novelty and Sustainability), established in 2018, is the patent valuation agency of the IRSEA Group, a world leader in semiochemistry research. Both entities have developed a range of synthetic pheromones based products copying nature, thus reproducing the beneficial effects for the animal.

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SIGNS Laboratories provide breeders with innovative solutions that meet economic, environmental and welfare needs.




Our history


Created in 1995, the IRSEA research institute has isolated and reproduced the first pheromone in the cat (Feliway)thus opening up new ways of understanding and communication among and among species. Since then, many applications have been developed, especially in dogs (Adaptil) and horses (confidenceEQ/Equanimity) as well as in farm animals (pigs, poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats, cattle...).


SIGNS laboratories are responsible for the development and marketing of products derived from IRSEA research


IRSEA now holds more than 300 patents and SIGNS laboratories are responsible for the development and marketing of the products resulting from this research. SIGNS Laboratories today market these pheromones and bring you natural and environmentally friendly products while meeting the criteria of welfare and productivity.

Our partners

With a wide network of distributors, our products are present all over the world.

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